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Cayenne instillation guide?

Is there a Cayenne REST API instillation guide including how to install the latest data dump ?

I am working on a project and want to be able to run Cayenne locally for testing and development purposes.



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Do I import the JSON files into SOLR ? And if so which index ?

Hi @AaronNGray. Welcome to the community forum!

Does this link answer your questions/provide guidance: crossref / REST API · GitLab ?

Hi @ifarley it does not appear to show how to import the gzipped json files or straight json files from the data dump as far as I can tell. Also I dont really know Closjure which complicated things.

I understand, @AaronNGray. @ppolischuk do you have suggestions for Aaron?

Hi @AaronNGray, glad to have your interest in the REST API. Unfortunately we don’t have an installation guide for it – we don’t get a lot of interest in people installing it locally – but we’ll look into pulling one together for the new elasticsearch-backed version expected later this year.

Further, we don’t have a tool for importing the JSON data dump to Cayenne, since we build the index by ingesting UNIXSD XML from query results.

If you have any specific questions, I can see if any of our in-house developers are able to help answer them.

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@ppolischuk Okay hopefully I should be able to examine the code and put together an import utility. Its probably quite a small peice of code to write, will probably take longer to work out how to do it though, so any guidance would be appreciated. The barrier I have with the instillation is I don’t know Closujre, I do know lisp from years ago porting The Lisp Kit to morern Pascal and playing with that, and also reading Art of The MetaObject Protocol but this was 15 years ago ! So any guidance again would be appreciated.