Discuss all things metadata in our new community forum - Crossref

TL;DR: We have a Community Forum (yay!), you can come and join it here: community.crossref.org.

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Iā€™m looking forward to the forum turning into a great online community.

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Hi @rclark,

Yes definitely, I think it has the potential to be a place where people can come together to share ideas, learn from each other, and build relationships. Iā€™m excited to see what the future holds for this forum.

But here are some things that we can do to help the forum turn into a great online community:

Be respectful of each other.
Be open-minded and willing to learn from each other.
Be supportive of each other.
Be active participants in the forum.
Be positive and encouraging.

If we all work together, I believe that we can create a great online community here.