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DOI for a university

Hello experts!

Can a university have its own unique DOI? What is the registration algorithm?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hello Angela! A university wouldn’t have a DOI but all organisations involved in research should have a ROR ID - see and maybe do a search to find the identifier. Crossref is planning to use ROR IDs for affiliation metadata. SO the persistent identifier for Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University Named After I. Ulyanov is and you can see the ROR record at that link (Research Organization Registry (ROR) Search). Is this the kind of thing you mean?


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Hello Ginny!

Yes, I meant exactly a persistent identifier for a university. It’s great to know that we already have such an identifier, and that there are the university pages in Wikidata, OrgRef, GRID!

Glad to hear that Crossref is planning to use ROR IDs for affiliation metadata! You work tirelessly to solve the problem of the most complete transfer of knowledge and technology.