DOI for conference content

Hello! I’m hoping to get some advice on my situation. At my institution we recently began registering DOIs for content hosted by our institutional repository and I’ve worked with a limited range of content types. I’m working with a group of conference organizers to deposit their material in my institution’s IR and they’d like to assign a DOI to their proceedings doc (it contains titles and abstracts only). They aren’t interested in assigning DOIs to the conference works at this time since we weren’t able to deposit all of the presentations (I created “metadata only” records for the majority of these).

Upon attempting to register a DOI for the proceedings using the web deposit tool, I realized that I’m required to also register DOIs and metadata for the presentations. I confirmed with CrossRef support that this tool doesn’t support registration of just a proceedings-level DOI without also registering DOIs for the papers or abstracts within that proceedings. Does anyone have thoughts or additional guidance on this?

Thank you!