Doi´s de tradução


No periódico que trabalho, faremos a tradução dos artigos em português para inglês e espanhol.
Como proceder?
Um DOI para cada tradução?
Tem algum relacionamento com o DOI do documento original?

Agradeço desde já.


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Hi Joana,

Thanks for your message. When a single journal article is published in two (or, more) languages, each should be assigned its own DOI. In the example below, both DOIs are published in the same journal. The original language instance has metadata that contains no indication of the translation instance. The alternative language instance includes in its metadata a relation to the original language instance. Here is a screenshot of the relevant section in the code. Please refer to the code snippet below to see it in context.

Put differently, best practice is twofold:

  1. In the translation DOI’s metadata, include the element in the metadata for the article


  1. In the translation DOI’s metadata, include an isTranslationOf relationship, pointing back to the original article’s DOI

You can find more information on Relationship types and an example of a translated article here:

A good way to remember our best practice is to note that DOIs are “citation identifiers” not “work identifiers.” That means that if two publications will be cited differently, they should have distinct DOIs. And the same work would be cited differently if it’s in another language, so each language version should get its own DOI.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

My best,

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Hi Isaac,

Muito obrigada.
Minhas dúvidas foram sanadas com a sua resposta.
Agradeço imensamente.

My best,

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Excellent! Very happy to help, Joana!

Have a lovely afternoon,