Erro: 'No response from server.'

I am editor of the journal “A Fisica na Escola” in Brazil. Registered at crosreff in June. We did all the configuration in the OJS system for depositing DOIs. However, the system is returning the error ‘No response from server.’ When trying to generate XML for manual deposit, the file shows invalid XML. We’ve already visited several forums and still can’t solve the problem. Could you help us?

Hello @paulomenezes ,

OJS is not our system so, unfortunately, I can only provided limited support on your question, but will do my best.

What is your DOI prefix and/or Crossref username?


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Hi Isaac. Thanks for your attention.

Our DOI pefix is 10.59727, and Crossref username: s8df.

Hi @paulomenezes ,

Thanks for those details. Not surprisingly, we have not yet received any submissions from username s8df to our admin tool, where all metadata registrations made to Crossref are processed, as you can see here:

You said you have XML produced from OJS? Can you attach it to this message or email it to me at so I can take a look at what might be causing the issue?

I assume you’ve followed these instructions for configuring the Crossref XML plugin for OJS? Given the error you are reporting, I think the issue is with the XML itself and not how you have configured the plugin, albeit it does not hurt to doublecheck your plugin settings.


Dear Isaac
Below is the XML file generated from an article and the HTML pdf generated when I request validation for manual registration.
crossref-20230713-141212-articles-1.xml (4,7,KB)
exportSubmissions.pdf (21,2,KB)

Thank you @paulomenezes .

This is a great example to highlight a fairly common problem. There was some special formatting in the abstract that was breaking the XML. That usually happens when our members copy and paste from a rich-text editor into OJS, one of our helper tools (web deposit form), or directly into the XML. The formatting from the rich-text editor isn’t supported in the XML and produces an error (An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x2) was found in the element content of the document.)

For instance, the word ‘experimento’ has some special formatting in it. Perhaps a hyphen from a line break?

Please consider using a plain-text editor for any copying and pasting that you may do in the future.

Anyway, I have corrected that formatting for you in the XML. And, the XML is parsing correctly (you can use our parser to confirm this). Here is the file free of errors:

crossref-20230713-141212-articles-CORRECTED.xml (4.9 KB)

Try uploading that to and let me know if you encounter any additional problems.


Tank you Isaac.
I’ll check for errors and try the DOI deposit again. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Olá @paulomenezes . Normalmente esse erro de formatação de caracteres ocorre devido copiar e colar de uma versão em PDF para os campos do OJS (títulos, resumo, autoria, entre outros) terá que ser um texto simples. Nesse caso é melhor fazer uma validação com a ferramenta do Crossref ou fazer uma “limpeza” nos textos antes de colar no OJS. Eu utilizo o Notepad++ que é um editor de texto que peço para retirar o boom na formatação.

Usually this character error occurs because to copying and pasting from PDF version to the OJS fields (titles, abstract, author, others) will have to a simple text. In this case, ti´s better to validate with the Crossref tool or to “clean” the texts. I use Notepad++ a text editor that to remove the boom.

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