Estimated cost for S3 public snapshot transfer

Hi folks, looking to get a DC-DC public snapshot transfer approved internally but I cannot find an estimated cost of this transfer anywhere (and the Amazon docs are hard to discern what applies).

Does anyone have an idea of how much a requestor-pays download would cost of the 2023 snapshot?

Hello @abeechin ,

Good question. We should probably provide a range in our documentation. The public data file is ~200 GiB. Plugging that into AWS Pricing Calculator

Outbound data transfer to Internet 200 GB (per month) gives $18 USD.

Depending on your other setups (VPCs etc), the cost could be moderately higher than that $18 USD figure, but that’s a good estimate for the current public data file.


That seems like a reasonable cost - many thanks Isaac :slight_smile:

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