Get works by category name

Hi everyone,
as per title, I want to get all works for a specific category name with the API.
From the documentation, I can get all categories available and the count of works with the following: works?facet=category-name:* (this is working as expected so all good).
So, for example, if I want to get all works for History, the request should be: works?filter=category-name%3AHistory

However, I am getting zero results.
Is there a different endpoint to filter by category that is not in the documentation?
Thank you!

Hello @sigeek ,

Thanks for your question, and welcome to the Community Forum!

Subject classifications have been available via the REST API for many years but have not been complete or reliable from the start and thus we deprecated them on 2024-April-23. You can read more about that decision here: Subject codes, incomplete and unreliable, have got to go - Crossref

Because of how the ASJC subject codes were coded into our REST API, we decided to simply remove the values from the REST API, so that’s why you are receiving empty results.

Q. Will the subject field continue to be available and functional?
A. The subject metadata element will continue to be included in the JSON response but will not return any values.

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