How can I get an Issue DOI for our journal?


The error messages am getting from the web deposit form: How can I get an issue DOI for our journal?

It is preventing me from submitting my application on the web deposit form.


Issue DOIs are not required. If you leave both the Issue DOI and Issue URL fields empty, you should be able to proceed with submitting your metadata via the web deposit form.

The only reason the form would prompt you to enter an Issue DOI is if you had already entered an Issue URL.


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Hello Admin,

Thank you so much for your quick response.

I successfully registered by journal articles using the web deposit form and received the following submission IDs’
CrossRef submission ID: 1580614917
CrossRef submission ID: 1580606865
CrossRef submission ID: 1580608544

I proceeded to upload the xml files attached to the email I received from Crossref and received auto email responses with the following submission IDs

CrossRef submission ID: 1580619170
CrossRef submission ID: 1580619004
CrossRef submission ID: 1580619088
CrossRef submission ID: 1580618921

Can you please let me know what I am not doing right?

Thanks a lot.

When you submit a metadata deposit on the web deposit form, you’ll receive a message that says “SUCCESS - Your batch submission was successfully received.” This does not mean that your deposit has been processed or that your DOIs have been successfully registered. It simply means that your deposit has been submitted to our processing queue.

You will receive an initial email from with the subject line “Crossref WebDeposit - XML.” This email contains a copy of the XML file that was created and submitted to our system. This confirms that your deposit was submitted to our system, but does not mean that it has been processed yet.

The XML file is for your records only. You do not need to (re)upload it.

Once your deposit has finished processing, you will receive an email from with the subject line “Crossref submission ID:…” and the specific submission ID number for that deposit. This email contains the Submission log for your deposit. The log will either confirm the success of your deposit or display any relevant error messages.

I checked the submission logs from your initial deposits, and two of them look good.

These submissions were successful

The ones you re-uploaded failed with timestamp errors, which is expected. You don’t need to do the re-uploads.

The other problem is in submissions like 1580611519. The problem there was that you entered the same DOI for the journal as for the article: 10.59268/taas

Each article that you register needs to have a completely distinct DOI.

You can find more information on our documentation site about how to interpret submission logs.


Thanks for the email.

Where are the DOI for the two that are successful?


They are the DOIs that you entered into the form.

You can see them in the submission logs that were emailed to you

In submission 1580606865, you registered just a single DOI for the journal as a whole: 10.59268/taas

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<doi_batch_diagnostic status=“completed” sp=“ds5”>
<record_diagnostic status=“Success”>
Successfully added

In submission 1580614917, you updated that same DOI - 10.59268/taas - to assign it to an article “Innovative Entrepreneurship for a Nation’s Economic Development: A Sustainable Paradigm for 21st Century” rather than to the whole journal.

I assume that was a mistake.

What DOI did you intend to assign to that article?

Or, were you under the misimpression that you submit the metadata and we send you back the DOIs? That’s not the case. You determine the DOIs and send them to us with the relevant metadata, in order to register them.

You can see our guidance on how to construct your DOI suffixes here