How can we give DOIs for the papers which will be published in another journal?

We would like to give DOIs to the papers which will be published in another journal. The journal does not give DOIs. When one registers a DOI it is necessary to indicate the URL of the paper. But at the stage of giving DOIs we will know the URLs of the papers yet. And when we know the URLs we will not be able to put the DOIs to the papers because they will be already published and we will not be able to change the published files.

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How long before you have the URLs of the new journal ready? Will it be days? Or weeks? It’s best to wait until you have the URLs before you register the DOIs for the new journal, but if it is a short period of time (days) then that should be fine.

It’s also not advisable to display the DOIs on your articles before they are registered because that causes resolution errors. If anyone finds a DOIs online that’s not registered and tries to resolve it it will fail and cause an error, and this may be frustrating to your readers.

Another option is to create HTML landing pages for each article and display and link the DOI to the landing pages. That way you can register it at the same time.

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Thanks for your question and welcome to the community forum! We recently created the pending publications content type to help with situations like yours, so, in addition to what Anna has suggested, pending publications is an option for you as well.

Pending publication is a way of creating a DOI and depositing metadata for a content item any time after a manuscript has been accepted but before it is published online. This is possible for all standard content types (such as articles, books, conference proceedings). Here’s more about pending publications: Introduction to pending publications - Crossref

Right now the only way to register pending publications is via XML submission. That said, we do have some straightforward XML templates you may follow here: Pending publications markup guide - Crossref

Take a look and let us know if you have questions,

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