How to Register Institution / affiliation to Grants?


How could we register Institution / ROR to Grants?

Currently using the below schema for registering Grants in Crossref. With this, we could only register an Institution with a Person.

Hi @hari . Thanks for your message. Can you clarify what you mean by “we could only register an Institution with a Person?” Can you tell us exactly what you are trying to register in your grant? Are you wanting to add a ROR ID?

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Hi @hari,

I see that you have had some exchanges with Patricia, our head of metadata, about this at

I’m going to post Patricia’s response to your question here so that all in the community forum can benefit:

Unfortunately we do not currently support institutions as grant recipients. We are planning to add support for this in a future update, but for now we don’t have a place for institutions in our schema.

We also do not support supplying custom roles for investigators. We are actively developing the grants schema, however, and can consider expanding the list of roles associated with people - can you send me the list of roles you support? [thanks for sending those, hari! we received them]

We hope to add support for institutions as grant recipients in the coming months, and will be relaxing the requirement that a person investigator be provided even sooner, to accommodate registrants of grants given to institutions or organizations, not individuals.

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Hi @ifarley

Is there a roadmap item planned on Grant Schema regarding this enhancement request ?


Hi @hari ,

Our full, public roadmap is available here: Trello

This recent blog update from Rachael Lammey may also be of interest, as it means that ROR IDs are now connected in Crossref metadata and openly available via our APIs: A ROR-some update to our API - Crossref

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Hi @Ren and @hari - @PFeeney has documented the potential updates to the grants schema, and it’s open for comments here: Grant metadata updates (draft for comment) - Google Docs