How to verify metadata

I wonder if we can verify to which articles we have the complete metadata information. For example, the participation reports web states which percentage of the uploaded articles have references, but I want to know which articles do not have this information. The same to the abstract and Orcid ID.

Could you help me?

I usually use the DOI deposit form.

Here is our participation reports info:


Hello @doctuscl,

Thanks for the message.

So you can use our REST API to return a list of the DOIs which do not have certain metadata values against them. I will compile these queries for you and add them below. You can then click on the link or paste into a browser and you should see the results. You might need to install a JSON viewer on your browser if the results to not show up in a user friendly format.

When I check the references percentage I see that you have 100% which have references so when I run the query I see zero showing up. For future information you would find out the DOIs without references using this query:,has-references:f&select=DOI,title

To find out the DOIs without ORCiD iDs then you can use:,has-orcid:f&select=DOI,title

To return the DOIs without abstracts it’s:,has-abstract:f&select=DOI,title

I hope this helps, if you have any further questions then please do let me know.