Integration with Fluxx: Minting Crossref Grant IDs from Fluxx Dashboard

Hello everyone,

I’m very happy to share an integration that I hope will be helpful for Fluxx clients who mint Grant DOIs, or especially for Fluxx clients who want to, but haven’t yet taken the time.

With support from OA.Works (1), I’ve worked with Stephen Brandon (2) to draft a code script that allows funders to create Grant DOIs through Crossref at the click of a button.

I see plenty of ways that this can be developed and improved, but of course every Fluxx site will have its own quirks for customization. So for now, what’s posted assumes a basic/standard Fluxx configuration, and includes data for Crossref’s required fields only. Other optional fields (like ORCID) would be easy to add for any Fluxx clients who store those IDs in Fluxx.

I can also see how a similar approach could be taken to create an integration for other GMSs. From what I can tell, Altum is leading the way in this, and I hope that other GMSs will begin providing tools to make the registration process simpler.

Eager to hear your thoughts!



Thanks Syman - this is so cool, and much appreciated!

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