Is there a standard for DOI when typesetting?

Hi everyone!

I would like to know if there is a recommendation for this. When typesetting a manuscript, where should I place the DOI?

I have seen it in different places in a final PDF file:

  • At headers on the first page only (thats how I have been doing)
  • As a footnote also on the first page
  • On the very last page of the article, together with some additional information, such as received/accepted dates

So, is there a best practice for this or can we be free? :slight_smile:


Hi Bruna,

Happy New Year.

As per my knowledge there is no set criteria for display of doi in the final PDF file. We can place it anywhere in the PDF as per suitability of the publisher. However, it should be on easy to read place so, it can attract the reader.



Thank you, my friend!

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Thanks @BrunaErlandsson and @Anjum. We don’t have specific recommendations for where you place a DOI in a PDF. That said, you can view the entire display guidelines here:

PDFs are mentioned below, but, like I said, we don’t have rigid guidelines for the location on or within a PDF:

An obligation of membership is that Crossref DOIs must be displayed on members’ response pages (also called landing pages). We recommend that Crossref DOIs also be displayed or distributed in the following contexts:

  • Tables of contents
  • Abstracts
  • Full text HTML and PDF articles, and other scholarly documents
  • Citation downloads to reference management systems
  • Metadata feeds to third parties
  • “How to Cite This” instructions on content pages
  • Social network links
  • Anywhere users are directed to a permanent, stable, or persistent link to the content

And, as a reminder, the guidelines are designed to meet these four goals:

  1. To make it as easy as possible for users without technical knowledge to cut and paste or click to share Crossref DOIs (e.g. using right click to copy a URL).
  2. To get users to recognize a Crossref DOI as both a persistent link as well as a persistent identifier, even if they don’t know what a DOI is.
  3. To enable points 1 and 2 above by having all Crossref members display DOIs in a consistent way.
  4. To enable robots and crawlers to recognize Crossref DOIs as URLs.

So, @Anjum’s recommendation is a good one! Thanks again!



Hi Isaac!

Thank you for your detailed answer. Your answer created some new questions in my head, haha.

I’m familiar with the DOI display guidelines but on the list of recommendations you mention some itens that I never considered before:

  • Tables of contents
  • Abstracts

If you know about any journal that is already displaying DOI on Table of Contents and Abstracts, could you show me? I would like to have this example to copy and show others!

That was new for me, I’m constantly learning here:)

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Hi Bruna,

The scientific society and publisher I used to work for, before joining Crossref, is a good example:

Here is one of their tables of content:

And, one of their abstracts:


Awesome, thank you!!!

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