Join the Technical Support team at Crossref!

Hello all. We’re recruiting for a new Technical Support Specialist to bolster our team - joining our :muscle: existing team of @kluschek , @pdavis , @Shayn , and myself.

If you’re into metadata (and who isn’t?) and like helping people and furthering open research, please consider applying for our new technical support position. We’re looking for our first colleague based in Africa/West Asia :earth_africa: Technical Support Specialist - Crossref.

The deadline to apply is fast approaching - 2021 July 15. To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Lindsay Russell at

Please feel free to share - especially @Blessyn , @Mohamad.Mostafa , and @haydaroruc .

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Hi @ifarley,

I know the deadline is over already, but I do see the opening on the Job’s section of Crossref page still, so taking a chance to check if the position is still open? I am also not from Africa/West Asia :frowning:. I am writing from India to check if the position is still open :slight_smile:

I have 14+Year’s of Experiance working (With a renowned publishing company) and I use crossref extensively on a daily basis in my current role as Production Manager. I admire the transparency Crossref offers and I am really excited to apply for this role if the opportunity is still open and available for an Indian :slight_smile:

Please do let me know, I will send in my Resume/Coverletter to Lindsay immediately.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and reply.


Hi @KashifNowman ,

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, the deadline has passed. We had a competitive candidate pool for this position and hope to be announcing a new hire soon.

Please keep an eye on our job board for opportunities: Jobs - Crossref

My best,

Thank you Isaac, I received the same reply from Lindsay too :slight_smile: I appreciate your time to respond.

My best wishes :slight_smile:


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