Peer Review Week - Call for Videos

Posting on behalf of the Peer Review Week Committee:

For the past two years of Peer Review Week, we have curated a series of videos on the PRW YouTube Channel, showcasing opinions from a range of individuals and organisations across the research publishing spectrum – journal editors, researchers, authors, publishers, technology providers, and of course reviewers, on each of the themes (Quality, and Trust).

We would like to put this call out again, on behalf of the Peer Review Week Committee, and ask for your video submissions on the theme of IDENTITY in Peer Review.

You may approach this subject however is relevant to you, your work, your interests, your goals, or you as an individual operating in the peer review system, however that may be. We welcome any and all insights that can inform and inspire the research publishing community.

We have prepared a video submission guide with the technical details on how to submit, and what form videos should take – see here for details!

They need not be long – maximum 3 minutes, and sent to us before events start on the 20th September.

We can take care of the editing and uploading to YouTube – all you need to do is come up with what you would like to say, put yourself in front of a camera, and say it! (though if you would like to get creative and produce a snazzy video then feel free!)

We very much look forward to your submissions.