Publisher member forgot an author and ORCiD

We were contacted by an author who noticed some incorrect metadata against the DOI when the metadata in question wasn’t automatically updated to her ORCiD account (using a service we call ORCID auto-update - we essentially push the metadata from Crossref into the ORCID profile of the author in question).

Similarly to another example found on the forum, the credit to the author for the article or work is very important both for the author (and maybe their career) and for our own matching purposes.

After contacting Crossref support here, we realised that the author list was empty against the DOI. There were no authors registered for the DOI in question, so this is why the author’s information was not appearing within their ORCID profile.

I quickly contacted our metadata contact at the DOI owner’s establishment “Centro de Diseño y Comunicacion“ and explained the issue.

Within that day I had already had a reply:

I have already submitted the metadata deposit with the corrections. I assume that the data will be updated with ORCID in the next few days, as I did not see any immediate updates.

The author list had been updated by redepositing the metadata to us. That updated author list overwrote the older metadata (on a successful deposit) and this in turn, because it included ORCiDs, meant the work was added to the author’s ORCID profile automatically using the auto-update feature.

So having this feature enabled meant that the author was able to easily tell when the DOI had been updated to include the correct author details and ORCiD.

There are other ways to add works to an ORCiD account, especially if a publisher member is not currently able to accept ORCiDs.

You can add works directly into your ORCiD account as described on the ORCiD support pages here.

You can also add works via our search tool here at Crossref.

  • Go to and login into your ORCiD account at the top right of the screen.
  • Search for one or multiple works using DOIs, ISSNs or names until you find items that you are an author of.
  • Add the works to your account by clicking on the “Add to ORCiD” button next to the result.

Hi Paul,
can I as apublisher use the auto-update for having the ORCID of our author updatetd?

If the author’s work isn’t automatically updated in their ORCID profile due to missing metadata, contact the DOI owner to correct it. Authors can also manually add works via Crossref’s search tool or directly through their ORCID account.

I noticed that for auto-updated or imported records into ORCID, the source is indicated in the ORCID UI, e.g. Crossref. However, I do not find this information in the ORCID’s JSON-LD representation. Is there an automated way to get this info, too (other than looking at the UI)?

Hi @vjkk,

To update the ORCiD against an author in the metadata then you would need to redeposit the metadata to us with the updates and an incremented timestamp and this would overwrite the metadata against the DOI and update the ORCiD for you.

I hope this is what you are asking but do let me know if I have misunderstood your question.

Thank you,

Hello @josenwily,

That is correct, thank you for adding this.

Best regards,

Hello @tobiasschweizer,

Thanks for the question, I am not sure on that one I am afraid. I think you might be best placed speaking with ORCiD support on that one:

Ok, I asked them. I’ll let you know about their response.

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I got a response from them: the JSON-LD representation does not contain the source information, but a different JSON content type does: One has to do a request with "Accept: application/orcid+json" and can then get a list of sources (jq expression: ."activities-summary"[]."work-summary"[].source."source-name").