Querying multiple ORCIDS at once?

Hello - I have a list of ORCIDS affiliated with my institution and would like to query the API for all of them. I saw that I can query by a single ORCID, but is there a way to pipe ORCIDS together in a single request and page through results?

Hello, and thanks for your question.

You can string together multiple ORCID filters, and that will return all works containing any of those ORCIDs.

for example

returns all the results as

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Excellent thanks for the quick reply! Is there a maximum number of ORCIDS I can string together?

We don’t impose a strict limit on the number of filters or facets that you can use in a single query. But, the more you add, the more resource-intensive and slower the response will be. So, at some point, if you add enough ORCIDs, the request will time out. We can’t say in advance exactly how many that would be, because it’s variable.

In general, it’s more efficient and better practice to do more smaller queries than to do fewer larger queries, and you can just compile the data on your end after it’s been retrieved.

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