References which "no match"

Please let me know what you do with the bibliographic references which “no match”?
Do you ask the authors to remove them or do you register them on Crossref as they are?
Thank you!

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Hi Daniel,

You should still submit references to works which aren’t registered with DOIs. They can be submitted using structured or unstructured formats, as shown here.

They won’t produce a citation match in our system, but we do periodically recheck non-matching references to see if a DOI has been registered for them since the last check.

And, the references are meaningful metadata in and of themselves, even if a citation match can’t be made within Crosserf.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!


Hi Shayn!
Thank you!

So for the attached example I record all the references.
However, in what situation is the “Reject” option used?


references.pdf (263 KB)

Hi Daniel,

You should only use that “reject” option if you review the match and think that our system has matched the incorrect DOI to the reference you provided.

Just so you’re aware, we recently announced that we are working towards sunsetting Metadata Manager by the end of 2021. In order to free up the resources to develop the new Content Registration UIs that will replace Metadata Manager, we need to stop doing other things - that means not adding to, supporting, or bug-fixing Metadata Manager.

If Metadata Manager is working well for you, you can continue using right up until we fully remove it. But, if you encounter any issues, you should consider switching to Web Deposit Form for metadata deposits (and Simple Text Query for reference deposits) until we have a new option built.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new tool we’re developing. We encourage you to review our thinking about next steps for Content Registration at Crossref and to provide your thoughts or feedback in this forum post.



Thank you so much Shayn!