Register a new DOI for an updated (V2) publication?

Hello. My organization is planning to publish a Version 2 of one of our papers (Version 2 will supersede Version 1). Version 1 will be archived, but still accessible to readers. We’ll host both the archived Version 1 and Version 2 for download on the same landing page. I’d like to confirm that Version 2 should have it’s own distinct DOI, even though it will be resolving to the same landing page as Version 1.

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Hello, and thanks for your question.

This depends on how significant the changes are between the two versions.

If the new version reflects changes that would impact the crediting or interpretation of the work, then it should get a new DOI. If the changes are less substantial than that (e.g. correcting a typo), then you should retain the existing DOI.

If you do end up registering a new DOI for a new version with substantial changes, please reflect the versioning in the metadata record by including an isVersionOf relationship in the metadata of the version 2 DOI which links it to the version 1 DOI.

Thank you for the quick response! Ok we will opt for registering a new DOI for version 2.
My follow-up question is how to submit the isVersionof relationship. I have only ever used the web deposit form for DOI submission and it doesn’t seem to be an option on there. Is this something I will need to do an XML deposit for? If so, can you send me explicit step-by-step instructions and perhaps a sample file? I read the entire page that you linked to and it is not clear to me how to deposit and what it should look like?

I have almost no experience with XML.

Unfortunately, the Web Deposit Form doesn’t support relationship data. We’re working a new manual metadata deposit tool which eventually will, but for the moment, the only way to deposit relationship metadata is via directly submitting XML.

You can find an example resource-only deposit for relationship metadata here.

To modify that for your situation, you’d change the <doi_relations> section to the following

            <doi>[Version 2 DOI goes here]</doi>
            <program xmlns="">
                    <description>Updated version [add description of what was changed between version 1 and version 2 here]</description>
                    <intra_work_relation relationship-type="isVersionOf"
                        identifier-type="doi">[Version 1 DOI goes here]</intra_work_relation>

And just keep in mind that you need to use a text editor or xml editor to edit or create xml. It can’t be done in a word processing program.

Once you have the XML created, you would upload it to our admin tool, using the steps shown here. Because this is a resource deposit, and not a full metadata deposit, in step 5, you should select “DOI Resources” and not “Metadata”.

If you run into any difficulties, send us a copy of the XML file that you’re working on at and we’ll be happy to help troubleshoot it.

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