Register Articles in Crossmark

Hi everyone
I’m Dr. Salwan, editor of the Journal of Life Science and Applied Research (JLSAR), I am interested to register our articles in Crossmark, note that my journal (JLSAR) member of Crossref and has doi, and I use OJS
How can start, please?
Have a nice time.

Hello @Salwan ,

As you may know, Crossmark is used to track changes (updates, versions, retractions/withdrawals, etc.) to an article or other published content over time, and display those changes to readers.

Please review the Crossmark getting started guide here:

Implementing Crossmark is a relatively technical process, much more so than just registering DOIs for your content.

You’ll need to deposit Crossmark-specific metadata for each DOI that you register. Additionally, you’ll need to include the DOI in a html tag in each article landing page where Crossmark is implemented as well as include a script in the source code for each page that calls the Crossmark dialog box.

As an OJS user, there is a Crossmark plugin for users on OJS 3.2+ which does include support for Crossmark, which gives readers quick and easy access to the current status of an item of content, including any corrections, retractions, or updates to that record.

Take a look at what I have provided above and let me know if you have any follow-up questions,