Registering DOIs for a new version of a publication


I have a question regarding registering DOIs for a new, extended publication of a book. The first version of the book (2022) has a DOI assigned at Book Title level and 10 chapters with unique DOIs, already registered. The new book (2024) will be published with a new ISBN and it’ll contain two extra, new chapters compared to the first version, but the other 10 chapters won’t be altered in any significant way between publications.

What’d be the best practice in this case? Should we reuse the old DOIs in this case for the older, unchanged chapters, even if it means resubmitting/changing the associated metadata (there might be changes in page ordering), or should we handle them as completely separate entities and assign new DOIs to them?
Are the changes substantial enough for the extended edition and chapters to get their own separate DOIs?

Thank you for the help!

Hi @liznemeth ,

Great question, and welcome to the Community Forum!

As you may know, DOIs for books and book chapters are really citation identifiers. Since the ten book chapters in the 2022 version of the book would be cited differently (e.g., by a researcher) than the very same ten book chapters in the 2024 version of the book, best practice is to register new DOIs for the book chapters in the 2024 version of the book.

You’d also want to connect the book chapter DOIs from the 2022 version to the book chapter DOIs from the 2024 version of the book with an isIdenticalTo intra-work relationship in the metadata.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions,

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Hi @ifarley,

Thank you for your prompt help! We’ll assign new DOIs for the chapters then and make sure to connect them to the previous version in the metadata tags.