Travel, Events, and Return to Office Plans

In the recent Scholarly Kitchen post, the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) discuss the results of their 2022 survey on attitudes towards travel, events, and returning to the office.

Are you currently working remotely or have you returned to the office? Do you plan to in future?
Do you have plans to attend in-person events this year?
What is your preferred format for networking/events currently? In-person, virtual, or a mix of both?
Are you planning to travel internationally for work?

Let us know your views, Iā€™m sure this will also differ according to where people live and what restrictions remain in place where you are.

There is nothing to worry about travel internationally if your immunity is good. As an editor, I say that we do not have to worry about the diseases (including COVID); however, safety should be there. If we worry and be seated at the home, disease will never go!! Herd immunity is the solution for the pandemic like COVID. We contract many bacteria and viruses everyday but all do not affect our body due to our immune system. Probiotics are good to protect the health and fight against the diseases.

Can we seat at home only due to afraid of accidents? Diseases are like accidents and everyone do not get it. So, throw out the worry, be happy and stay safe with safety precautions.