Unable to search the registered DOI on metadata search.. which were previously being searched,

We successfully registered the DOI for our issue 1 articles.
Later we made some changes in the pdf format of articles and reuploaded those files via ojs.
Now the when we search the registered DOI there is an error showing a page that cannot be found.

How to resolve it?

Ammara Hameed

Hi Ammara,

Can you give me an example of one of the DOIs you registered and then later updated? I’ll be happy to take a look.

Yes sure.
Here is one of the articles which got previously registered with following DOI:


Now when we click on this link it displays error 404 not found.
Ammara Hameed

Hi Ammara.

It looks like your metadata update deposits were not successful. You should have gotten a submission log email (sent to the email address that’s in the <email_address> tags of your submitted xml file) with the following error message:

Record not processed because submitted version: 1618996637 is less or equal to previously submitted version 20210405085454211

That’s happening because you didn’t update the value in the files before resubmit them.

Every time you update the metadata for an existing DOI, that timestamp value needs to be numerically larger. So, if the first deposit had 20210405085454211 the update deposit has to have a number that’s at least 20210405085454212 or higher.

All that said, if you only need to update the resolution URLs for these DOIs, and not any of the other metadata, you can always prepare a spreadsheet with the DOIs in column A and the new resolution URLs in column B and send that to support@crossref.org. We can use that file to update the URLs for you.