What do you need from an affiliation identifier and what you think of ROR?

Hi - please give us your views on ROR, the Research Organization Registry that we run with CDL and DataCite. Our community survey is designed to gather input on uses and needs with regard to organization identifiers for open scholarly infrastructure and to ask for feedback on how ROR is doing so far. The Crossref community’s perspective is very important so thank you in advance for your time!

Ginny, Team RORganizer :lion:

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Hi Ginny, the community survey tiny url link is timing out for me. Not sure if others are having an issue. Thanks!

Oh I’m so sorry I missed this from last year @carly.robinson ! I assume it’s too late but I will check unless you managed to access it in the end or via another link?

No worries, @Ginny! It was a issue of my side that I figured out.

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Hi @Ginny :slight_smile:

I would like to know if there are some good practices related to displaying ROR in a published manuscript.

I understand it is machine readable and should be in the metadata of the content. However, my questions are related to the final PDF version.

  • Should we display the ROR url in the manuscript after mentioning the Organization (on the authors affiliation, for example)

  • Or, should we display ROR icon, as we usually do with ORCIDs, and make it “clickable” using the ROR url?

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Hi @BrunaErlandsson thanks for your question! ROR is in the process of finalizing guidance on display of ROR IDs and seeking community input on this topic. You can see and comment on the draft guidelines here.


Thank you so much, Maria!

This guideline was everything I needed, :slight_smile:. I’ve seen some of your recorded webinars lately, great stuff!