Where to start?

To whom it may concern, I have just registered our journal and received our DOI prefix. Now we want to get DOIs for our already published articles.
We have a journal coming out next month so will try the new system with that but I don’t know where to start.
I think I have to use OJS however the MetaData looks easier. Any help would be appreciated.

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Dear Susan,

First off welcome to the community and welcome to Crossref! I’m happy to help you get started with registering your content.

I’d advise you to take a look in our education documentation, in particular there is a helpful quick guide for choosing your content registration method.

If you use OJS to publish your journal, you can use Public Knowledge Project’s OJS Crossref plugin to deposit metadata with Crossref. There is a manual on the PKP website, they also have a number of additional plug-ins available such as for depositing references which you may find useful for sending us these important extra pieces of metadata.

Metadata Manager offers a simple way to deposit and update metadata, for both single and multiple deposits. We have a guide to get started and we also have a video tutorial that you might find useful to watch. However, a couple of important thing to note: Metadata Manager is only for journal deposits and not other content types (for example books or conference proceedings) at the moment, also we have currently paused development on this tool while we work out bugs users have been experiencing, so as an OJS user we would recommend you use the OJS plug-in.

Please take a look and feel free to follow up with any additional questions you may have.

Kind regards,



Thanks for your guidance

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Hi Vanessa,
I have published our final issue for our journal for the year and was hoping the DOIs would appear after following the OJS instructions however I could only get one DOI for the issue rather than one for each article.
Any guidance?

Hi Susan,

Sorry to hear you are having some difficulties with the OJS plug-in. I’ve tagged my colleague Paul from our Support team in this thread and he’ll get back to you to look into this further.



Hi Susan,

Did you manage to add the metadata against the articles in OJS and submit to us here? If so I can check here and see if the deposit failed somehow in the system. If the query is regarding the creation of the articles and DOIs in OJS itself then you might need to contact the Support team at PKP, the organization responsible for the Open Journal System (OJS), or search the PKP Community Forum for more information on how to create the article DOIs.

Many thanks,