A documentation for Crossref public data file


Excited to share a project I’ve been working on: Crossref Monitoring! Aimed at making the Crossref public dataset more accessible and navigable. This tool is now live at https://crossref-monitoring.vercel.app.

  • Automatic Documentation: Automatically generated to reflect the dataset’s structure.
  • Easy Schema Navigation: Direct insights into the structure and content of the dataset.
  • Data Quality Highlights: Examples for identifying inconsistencies and common errors for better accuracy.
  • Statistics: Distribution and frequency of various attributes within the dataset.

Here are the key ideas I have in mind:

  • Convenient navigation through the data schema with examples of values.
  • Check the data quality for further use in Data Science.
  • Help improve data quality by providing simple visual feedback.

Since the documentation was automatically generated, applying a uniform approach to all fields, it currently lacks specific field descriptions and I’m not fully satisfied with the presentation of some data. Your feedback and suggestions to enhance its quality are highly welcomed!

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