All Citations direct to a wrong/strange title

Citations of my paper are currently linked to an erroneous reference, which contains wrong information attributed to my work.

Strangely, I have not created this incorrect reference to the database, and I am unsure how this erroneous connection has arisen.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could correct the citation links to accurately reflect the appropriate references and remove the erroneous paper from the citation list. This correction is crucial to ensuring that the citations to my paper in other scholarly works are accurate and do not lead to confusion or misinterpretation.

The problem is that when I input the correct paper title to search, the page can pop out my correct paper but without citations. The incorrect reference doesn’t show only if I search the wrong edited title.

The details of my paper are as follows:

**Correct Paper Link on Google Scholar:

TransRec: Learning Transferable Recommendation from Mixture-of-Modality Feedback

Incorrectly cited title:

Beibei Kong, Zhijin Wang, Bo Hu, and Zang Li. 2022. TransRec: Learning Transferable Recommendation from Mixture-of-Modality Feedback

It seems that the wrong reference mixed the author information to the title that when searching the right title this reference with citation numbers is not being recommended.

And, I have checked the papers that have cited my paper, they all use the right citation formats linked to the correct paper.

I hold Google Scholar in high regard for its commitment to accuracy and reliability, and I am confident that your team will be able to address this issue promptly. Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention and support. I look forward to hearing from you and achieving a successful resolution to this citation error.


Jie Wang

Hi Jie,

Thanks for your post.

It’s unclear from your message whether your concern is that the citation data is incorrect on Google Scholar or whether your concern is that citation data is incorrect on Crossref.

Crossref does offer a service to publishers which allows them to find out what other publications cite their publications, within Crossref. We also make the citation counts publicly available in our APIs. But that’s entirely unrelated to Google and Google Scholar’s citation data.

Crossref’s Cited-by counts only reflect the number of times a given DOI is matched as being cited by another piece of content that:

  1. is also registered with Crossref and

  2. has references included in the metadata deposited by the publisher when they register its DOI.

Not all scholarly publications are registered with Crossref and not all publishers opt to provide references along with their DOI’s metadata, so we can’t claim that our cited-by counts are comprehensive representations of all instances in which a given content item has been cited. This may explain why you see different results in different services or don’t see the results you expect in our service.

With regard to your paper “TransRec: Learning Transferable Recommendation from Mixture-of-Modality Feedback” I don’t see that it has been registered with Crossref. There is a preprint of that title on arXiv, but arXiv DOIs are registered through a different DOI registration agency, DataCite, not through Crossref.

So, we are not asserting any citation data for that paper at all. If you concern is that the arXiv or DataCite data is inaccurate, you’d need to report that to them. If your concern is that the Google Scholar citation data is inaccurate, then you’d need to go to Google with that.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you in this case.