Changed the domain and the url

if I register the doi again because they changed the domain and the url

they are not duplicated in the crossreg search?

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Hi @gpeloman,

Welcome to the Crossref community forum!

You can update metadata associated with your registered DOIs, and we encourage you to do this as often as required. No fees are charged for updating existing metadata records. Content often moves to a new domain and it’s very important to update your registered DOIs with the new URLs so that they continue to persistently link to the content.

If you only have a few URLs to update, you can just resubmit your record. The metadata will be over-written with the new information, so it will not be duplicated.

If you have a long list of URLs that need updating (for example, you’ve just finished a platform migration, or you’ve acquired a new title), you can do a bulk resource URL update. Create a tab-separated list (formatted as a text (.txt) file) of DOIs and their new URLs, and apply the following header:


You can then upload the file to the admin tool or use the upload tool.

Read more about updating your resource resolution URLs in our documentation.