Checking your eligibility and applying

Hi all,

We have deposite our articles published in our journals in Crossref and assigned a doi to each one, but when we check our eligibility to subscribe to the similarity checking service, it appears that our content has not yet been registered. (Results 0/0 - 0%. We’re sorry, but you are not eligible to register for our Similarity Check service just yet. It looks as though you haven’t registered any content with us yet.)

Could it be because there is something wrong with submitting our content?? Or because our content has not been registered yet??

Knowing that we have placed the HTML of the content links in the similarity check URLs box, and again the links that leads to the PDF files when submitting our content in other deposits.

At the end of the deposits, we receive emails confirming the success of the deposits.


Thanks for your message and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We’ve actually discovered there was a blip in the indexing of some content, so that is why your DOIs are not showing in the eligibility tool on the website.

They are currently registered, so there’s no problem there, and there is no further action needed on your side. I also see that you were able to apply for the Similarity Check service, and your application is being completed at this time, which means that you should be receiving your login information soon.

We’re currently looking into the reason for the indexing problem and are working on some fixes on the backend so that the eligibility tool will reflect results accurately.

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