Global collaboration spotlight: Our November events in enhancing research discoverability and community engagement

Looking back at November, we participated in a few impactful events. Our focus on research discoverability and community support led us to several collaborations.

“Contains scenes of mild peril”: the state of digital preservation across seven million articles - Martin Paul Eve was the keynote speaker at Charleston Book Fair Virtual Week, where he discussed his discovery of alarming deficits in digital preservation across 7 million scholarly articles and suggested changes to ensure our digital records’ longevity.

Metadata Makes Open Research Better - We kicked off with the “Metadata Makes Open Research Better” seminar. We talked about things like the Research Nexus, data citation, and the Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure (POSI). We highlighted how having detailed information about research helps maintain its quality, makes it easier to reproduce, and helps others find it. We also discussed how metadata can connect research in new ways, making it more visible and important.

Crossref for Research Scholars and Librarians, India - Our webinar with the Indian scholarly community was called “Crossref for Research Scholars and Librarians.” This event was focused on understanding our services offering insights into how they benefit research scholars and librarians in India.

AfricArXiv Open Science Webinar Series - The AfricArXiv Open Science webinar series was another great event. Here, we discussed the Research Nexus vision with examples of efforts in Cameroon, Egypt, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania, underscoring our commitment to enabling African research discoverability.

Crossref Services for Librarians and Journal Editors, Ghana - This webinar was co-hosted by CARLIGH (the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana) and EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries), focusing on Persistent Identifiers (PIDs), our services, and the Global Equitable Membership (GEM) program. This webinar was specifically geared toward librarians, journal editors, and researchers in Ghana.

Guadalajara Book Fair - We were thrilled to participate in the Guadalajara Book Fair again. Our team and our ambassadors from Colombia and Mexico were present and happy to discuss our services and programs and connect with attendees. A highlight was a panel presentation titled “Más allá del DOI. Cómo elevar la visibilidad de las ediciones universitarias con los servicios de Crossref”.

We’re keen to hear from you if you joined these recent events with us. Was there a topic you expected to see, or do you have ideas for future discussions? Are you planning a metadata event with your community?

Your suggestions help shape our upcoming events and collaborations. Share your thoughts with us below.