How much does it cost to use crossmark?


We are incorporating the use of crossmark to the journals of our institution, however, we need to know if this has an additional cost to the DOI?

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Hi, and thanks for your question.

There are no additional fees for using Crossmark. You can add Crossmark metadata to your DOIs, at no cost.

There used to be an additional per-DOI Crossmark fee, but we removed those as of January 1st 2020.

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Today I tried to activate crossmark for Estoa Journal, however, I get the following message “CrossMark data for this content is not currently available” I have done the same process on other journals before but now it didn’t work, could you help me please.

So, just as an overview, Crossmark is used to track changes (updates, versions, retractions/withdrawals, etc.) to an article or other published content over time, and display those changes to readers.

We have some documentation and a getting started guide here:

Implementing Crossmark is a relatively technically complex process, much more so than just registering DOIs for your content.

You’ll need to deposit Crossmark-specific metadata for each DOI that you register. Additionally, you’ll need to include the DOI in a html tag in each article landing page where Crossmark is implemented as well as include a script in the source code for each page that calls the Crossmark dialog box.

If you’re getting a message “CrossMark data for this content is not currently available” when you try to run the script or link directly to the Crossmark dialog for a DOI, that means you have not yet added the required Crossmark metadata to that DOI’s metadata record.

If you give me an example of a DOI that’s getting that message, I’ll be happy to check on that.

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