OAI endpoint always returns 401

Hi folks,

I noticed that all requests to the OAI endpoint at https://0-oai-crossref-org.library.alliant.edu/OAIHandler are currently returning a 401 unauthorised status - even for the examples given in the Crossref documentation here:




Is this a known issue or a recent change?

Many thanks!

Hi @abeechin ,

Thanks for reporting this issue, and welcome to the Community Forum.

Our technical team is investigating. This looks like it could be related to some work we performed earlier this week.

More as we have it,

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Hi @abeechin ,

Are you a Metadata Plus subscriber? As you’ll see in the documentation at the link you provided: Metadata Plus subscribers: access to OAI verbs GetRecord and ListRecords require a subscription to our Metadata Plus service. Users of this service are provided with tokens to identify them. Only Metadata Plus subscribers with an active token would have access to the query as you have posted it.


Ah ok - we are not Metadata plus subscribers and were not aware of this restriction. The error code (seemingly correct) only started appearing two days ago.

We will disable our script and continue to make requests through the public REST API.

And thank you for looking into it for us :slight_smile:

Hello again - I just double checked our calls and we are using the ListIdentifiers verb, which is also returning 401, but should be public?


Yes, you should have access to the ListIdentifiers verb.

  • Public metadata users: we allow public access to two OAI verbs, ListSets and ListIdentifiers, which allow for discovery of available information.

Our technical team is investigating. We’ll provide updates on our status page, as we have them: Crossref Status - Access issues for OAI-PMH, Deposit Harvester, and some Cited-by users

We have a fix in place @abeechin , but have decided not to deploy it late on a Friday ahead of a holiday in the UK. We’ll be deploying a fix on Tuesday between 1400 and 1600 UTC. Thanks again for flagging this to us!

Many thanks, looks like the fix is in place now :raised_hands:

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Yay! Indeed. All of our testing looks good, but do let me know if you encounter any other problems.

Thanks again,