TDM Click through service - Sage & any updates?

A user asked me about Sage and TDM. I saw this Sage page - and was wondering if Sage is engaged in the Click through service. I assume not, but thought I’d ask. If not I assume access to Sage through text mining urls is then just IP address based?

I haven’t heard anything in a while about plans for the TDM click through service - there was this discussion TDM click-through service and an email from Bryan in late February that I replied to but never heard back. Whats the timeline for retiring it if it will be retired, and what replaces it?

Hi Scott, Sage does not have a licence in the TDM Click through service.

I’m sorry we’ve not been able to reply yet. We’ve been trialing to finalise a communication plan for this. We do plan to retire the service at the end of this year as there are only 2 active licences to choose from. Unfortunately, we won’t be replacing it. We will still encourage publishers to register text and data mining licence information in their metadata.

Thanks, I figured Sage was not involved in click through.

We will still encourage publishers to register text and data mining licence information in their metadata.

Do you think publishers that are currently involved in click through (Elsevier, Wiley) and that register text mining URLs will stop registering text mining URLs with Crossref?

No, I don’t think so. We will encourage them to do this - many do without joining the Click thru service. We will continue to include this on member’s Participation Report

Okay, good to hear. Thanks.

For the big two publishers in the click through service, Elsevier and Wiley:

  • :white_check_mark: Elsevier already has their own authentication service so I think we’re good on that wrt being able to allow researchers to text mine with an Elsevier key
  • :stop_sign: Wiley as far as I can tell does not have their own authentication services (they just point to using the click through service). Do you have any information from Wiley on whether they will be introducing a way to authenticate for text mining? Or maybe they already do and I just don’t know about it?

Hi @sckott - it’s been a while. Wiley is ready with its service now, and so we will look to decommission the Crossref tool in the next couple of weeks. You can find details about the Wiley service here:

Thanks for the update. I’ll look into the Wiley service and start removing Crossref TDM from stuff I maintain

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