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I have little doubt. I can not see full text URLs during the deposit of metadata. So, Text mining URLs score shows zero for Veterinary World in Participation reports
Please guide me in this regard to solve the problem and improve the score. I have already read and gain the knowledge that I have to put full text URLs during the deposit of metadata but I was never asked for these URLs during the deposit of metadata.



Hi @Anjum. Thanks for this message.

Are you using the web deposit form to register your metadata? Or, a different method?

We have instructions here: https://0-support-crossref-org.library.alliant.edu/hc/en-us/articles/215871703-Depositing-funding-and-license-metadata-using-a-csv-file for uploading a supplemental CSV file to add this metadata for your DOI(s).

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HI, about this issue I’m tryng to do the same but always webdeposit reported was:
Please correct the following errors and redeposit your file:
First Column Heading is not DOI

My .csv first 2 rows are:
DOI,“<license_ref applies_to=”“vor”“>”,<vor_lic_start_date>,“<license_ref applies_to=”“tdm”“>”,<tdm_lic_start_date>,“<resource content_version=”“vor”" mime_type=““application/pdf””>"
10.14211/41130,cc URL,2015-06-02,cc URL,2015-06-02,pdf URL
I just wrote cc URL and pdf URL because is not allowed put real URLs.

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Hello @eijunior.regepe ,

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The depositing of .csv files for resource updates can be a little picky at times. One thing I would always recommend to try and get around any errors is to download a fresh template from our education docs here: https://0-www-crossref-org.library.alliant.edu/documentation-files/license-metadata.csv

Then once you have a fresh template add the data and try saving with the same file type and formatting if possible.

Also make sure that all other columns that are not in use are deleted.

If you do have further issues then you can send us in the .csv file and details about the username you are depositing it with to support@crossref.org and we will take a look at it for you.

We aren’t able to receive files via the forum I am afraid.

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