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I would like to know what the DOI deposit procedure via API is. If you have an explanatory document, where can we find it?

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We do not have a DOI deposit procedure via our API, but, fortunately, there are other options. The full documentation is available here: Choosing a content registration method - Crossref

I’m including some details here, but the link above has everything you will need:

Your metadata is stored with us as XML. Some members send us XML files directly, but if you’re not familiar with writing XML files, you can use a helper tool instead. There are three helper tools available - these are online forms with different fields for you to complete, and this information is converted to XML and deposited with Crossref for you. A big decision to make as a new member is which of our content registration methods to use.

Helper tools

  • Crossref XML plugin for OJS (Open Journal Systems) - you can use this helper tool if you’re using the Open Journal Systems publishing platform.
  • Web deposit form - you can use this form to register metadata for journals, books, conference proceedings, reports, and dissertations.

Direct deposit of XML

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