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Crossref DOI for Maps

Hi Crossref folks!

I wonder if there is any recommendation for depositing DOI metadata for Maps in Crossref?

Hi @asoto,

Thanks for your message.

You have two options here. We don’t have a content type specific to images or maps but if they are part of a larger object (like a book or a journal) they can be deposited as a component: Component records are often registered for figures, tables, and supplemental materials associated with a journal article.

Alternatively, you can use our dataset content type to register content that doesn’t easily fit in any of the other types, including images (or maps). It has a very open-ended metadata schema.

For more information on dataset content, including sample deposit xml:



@ifarley Thank you! I will take a look, and I let you know if I have further questions about it.

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:+1: Great! Best of luck, @asoto!

Interesting topic and useful, thanks! :handshake:

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