Delay between publication and deposit with Crossref

I am using the REST API to retrieve publication’s dates of some articles from different journals, which are members of Crossref, based on the article’s titles. The goal here is to be informed as soon as possible when an article is published on the journals’ website. I read that “Records typically appear in the REST API within 20 minutes of their having been successfully deposited with Crossref”. I was then wondering what is the time between the publication of the articles and the time they are deposited with Crossref ?

Thanks in advance for your answer!


It can take from 20 mins to 24 hours for the articles to show in the REST API after a successful deposit has been made to the system. DOIs need to be registered by the publishers and we recommend this being done as close to the article being published as possible.
Records published on journal websites are not likely to be automatically registered with Crossref unless that is a process built into the system.

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