Depositing references and accessing citations

We have made a change to Cited-by that will make it easier for members to access and display citations to their works. Previously, members needed to deposit references then contact our support team to have it enabled for them. Now we have enabled Cited-by for all members, so you can implement it right away.

Cited-by is Crossef’s service for members to access citation matches, making it simple to discover articles, books, and other items that cite their own content. To find out how to implement, see our documentation pages.

Previously, delivering citations was a prerequisite for Cited-by. To broaden participation and simplify sign-up, we have dropped the requirement. However, we still strongly recommend that members deposit references. Why? First, because there is a mutual benefit to sharing references - other members also deposit references and you adding to a pool of valuable information. Second, because it means that your own references appear in Cited-by results, and readers will discover useful links to other content you have published.

There are several ways to deposit references, either via XML as a block of text. See here for more details.