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Feedback on new helper tool

I just tried the new helper tool and find it very difficult. I want to be able to select issues to add articles to without having to type in all the metadata again. I’m a tiny publisher and we publish content on a rolling basis so this interface is unwieldy and time-consuming - I also want to be able to find articles and add stuff to them easily - again not sure how to do this in the new webDeposit interface - am I missing something. The new system seems to have made it much more difficult.

Hi @dcrc. Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community forum. The web deposit form - CrossRef - DOI Deposit Form - is not the new helper tool that our Sara Bowman referenced in her blog about content registration next steps. Instead, the web deposit form is our oldest helper tool. We recommend its use over Metadata Manager because the web deposit form is stable.

The web deposit form was not designed to hold your metadata so that you can return to it and make updates. You can make updates using the web deposit form, but you have to re-enter the existing metadata into the form. That’s right.

Our technical team is hard at work on the new helper tool.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions,