Resolution metadata API?

Hi :wave: I love getting our quarterly DOI resolution reports from you all at CrossRef.

I was wondering, whether it would be possible to get any of the resolution data through an API in the future?

It seems like a great way to non-invasively measure usage over time, and potentially present that to our users. This could for example be a Metadata Plus feature. We would also be interested to keep track of the success resolution over time, to understand our performance on that front.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your post.

Our resolution statistics are currently limited to the monthly resolution report. We don’t track resolutions at the article level beyond the ‘top ten’ DOIs provided in the resolution report.

As you may know, Crossref is just one of several DOI Registration Agencies. We don’t operate the infrastructure that facilitates DOI resolutions directly, so the resolution data for Crossref DOIs is passed along to us on a monthly basis. Generating the monthly resolution reports is what we’re able to sustainability distill from that data, at this point in time.



Thanks for the answer @Shayn!

I already thought something along these lines. It might be a way too specific use case as well to have those data be available in one way! I’ll be sure to include the static data that we get sent into our dashboard.