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Retrieve book chapters by ISBN

Hello all,

Happy new year!

We are utilizing crossref api to pull and display data relevant to our collections. We are able to display articles related to a journal using ISSN.

We would like to do a similar functionality for book chapters, ie. to be able to display book chapters related to a book using its ISBN.

We implemented this functionality previously using the below (however, it doesn’t seem to work for all publishers after the recent crossref upgrade i.e. moving to Elasticsearch):,URL,link,ISBN

Note that for some publishers (eg. SpringerNature) the above is working:

Is there a way to always find book chapter by ISBN?

Looking forward to have your support back!


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Hello @aomran,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the community forum.

The reason that your API query is only working some of the time is likely due to the fact that the ISBNs in question have not been registered with us. That’s true of ISBN 9781455728657. We have no record of that ISBN being registered with us, so that’s why you are getting no results from our API.

I like these select parameters as well:,title,ISBN,type,container-title,link&rows=100

Alternatively, our book depositor reports are also useful for retrieving chapter-level DOIs against a member and book title. Those book depositor reports are available here: Member section. These reports may or may not be a fit for you and your workflow, but I’m including it here in case others in the community might find the depositor reports helpful.

For example, here’s the depositor report for the book registered with ISBN 9783030814649:

My best,