Retrieving DOI metrics

Hi support.
I would like to know how can a get the DOI metrics. example how many times it was clicked, how many it was cited…
Thank you


Hi Roberto,

The cited-by count is publicly available in either of our APIs.

As an example, this shows the full metadata record for 10.1016/j.scr.2018.02.015 in the XML API[username:password]&format=unixsd&doi=10.1016/j.scr.2018.02.015

Use your Crossref username and password in place of username:password or use an email address in place of username:password after you register it here:

In the XML API results, the cited-by count appears towards the top of the file in the tag called
crm-item name=“citedby-count” type=“number”

The equivalent query for that same example DOI in the REST API is

The REST API does not require a username, password, or registered email address.

In the REST API, the cited-by count appears in the tag

Please note, that is not the same as “references-count” which describes the number of references that DOI has included in its metadata (i.e. the number of items it cites; not the number of items citing it).

In terms of how many times a DOI was clicked or resolved, our resolution statistics are currently limited to the monthly resolution report. We don’t track resolutions at the article level beyond the ‘top ten’ DOIs provided in the monthly resolution report sent to each publisher member for their own DOIs.


Hi @Shayn

Thank you, but how many times that DOI was clicked, is it possible to get this number?



That’s essentially the same as “how many times a DOI was resolved”. So, we do not have that information available on a per-DOI basis. Only what’s available in the monthly Resolution Reports.