Retrieving error message based on submission details

Is there a way to programmatically, via an API, obtain the error message XML associated with a deposit?

The xml I am trying to get appears in the crossref admin portal when querying submissions.

I see the API has a /deposits endpoint but there is a not that they will be deprecated soon, and it is not returning results, so I assume it has already happened. I guess what I am looking for is an alternative to this.

I am looking to build an internal tool that can show a user details of a deposit with errors so relying on going to the crossref admin pages is not a good solution for us. I guess I could build something to scape the page from the admin portal and get the data that way, but I am assuming there is a better way.

Thank you.

Hello, and thanks for your post.

The API /deposits endpoint was never intended or supported for public use. It was built for an internal purpose and accidentally documented publicly.

The only supported endpoint for programatic deposits is via the HTTPs POST method as described here

That said, there is a way to programmatically query for your submission logs using either the filename or the doi_batch_id value of the submitted file. For that to work, the file name or doi_batch_id must be unique per deposit. Both options are described on our documentation site here.

They query looks like this{username}&pwd={password}&doi_batch_id={batch_id_value}&file_name={filename}&type=result

As always for our queries that require a username, if you use an individual email-based username, your organization’s ‘role’ username must be appended to it with a forward slash.

You only need either the file name or the doi_batch_id, but not both.


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This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Thank you!

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