URL and DOI in the Web Deposit Form (2nd Page)

In the 2nd page of web deposit form a DOI and URL is required. I have a URL but no DOI? How can I proceed?

Hi Joydeb,

Thanks for your question.

Your organization, Government Brajalal College, Khulna, was assigned DOI prefix 10.62106 when you joined Crossref as a member organization.

So, before you register your content, you have to assign each article or other item a DOI using that prefix, followed by a forward slash, followed by some suffix.

We don’t give you the DOIs. You construct them yourself and then register them by submitting the required metadata, DOI, and URL for each item.

You can find our full guidance on constructing DOIs here:

The gist is that there is a limited set of allowed characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and just the following special characters -._;()/ ), and ideally the suffixes should be random or otherwise non-identifiable.

So just using some random string generator is better than using a suffix with, for example, a journal name, volume or issue number, etc.

For example, using your prefix and a random string generator, you might assign this DOI to an article and register it: 10.62106/95t7uqp0xv

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


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