DOI registration server returning an error: 'No response from serve

Dear all, we just joined crossref and we were provided with login credentials and able to register the account. Our login credentials seem to work well but when we deposit metadata we’re getting this message "
Registration was not successful! The DOI registration server returned an error: 'No response from server.'" Our IT personnel has tried various options suggested in the community forum but the problem has not been solved. We’re using OJS We contacted OJS but they said they can’t solve that problem because they are not hosting our server/website. Is there anything we can do to solve this problem? Any latest solution please.

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Hello every one, happy new year! Anyone to help on this please

Hi @pastory :wave: Thanks for posting to the CrossRef forum!

Is this problem still existing? We’ve had this issue with our platform whenever one of the CrossRef registration services was down for maintenance. You can check at any time with this link:

Otherwise, is there any way you can share a configuration file what the registration server is that is not responding?


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@pastory - we are registering DOIs successfully at Crossref for our journals on OJS 3.x - I assume that you have checked that the login credentials in OJS (‘Tools > CrossRef XML Export Plugin > Settings’) are correct?
Also, was this something that used to work for you and then stopped working, or has it never worked? Is it not working for some specific articles, or for all articles?

The other thing I suggest, is that you could try validating and exporting the individual article/s Crossref XML (‘Tools > CrossRef XML Export Plugin > Articles’) - it could be that the article/s has some data issue which is preventing it from generating a valid Crossref XML file to send to Crossref.

Hope this helps - sorry if you have already considered these things.


Hi @pastory ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community forum! Based on the error you are reporting, there may be an issue that is specific to your account. Can you provide me with your Crossref username and/or DOI prefix so I can confirm?

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Dear all
Many thanks for your readiness to help. I have tried the web deposit option to register metadata and it has worked. However, when I check CrossRef XML Export Plugin/articles, the status is “not deposited”. When I try to deposit through the plugin I still get the same message of “No response from server”.

Thanks, ID 10.58548 user name:

Thanks for these details. The good news is your account has been configured correctly in our system and is working properly, as you can see from the submission history for your username (the only submissions in the screenshot and that we have received from this username are from the web deposit form):

That screenshot shows all of the submissions we have ever received for the udom username. This means we are not receiving your submissions from OJS.

Have you configured your Crossref XML plugin for OJS (within OJS) using these instructions:
Crossref XML plugin for OJS - Crossref ?


Thank you very much. This is really a good news as we have been struggling since December. Regarding configuring Crossref XML plugin for OJS, we did that as per the instructions. We even tried to contact OJS but they simply told us that maybe the problem is within our server since they are not hosting us. We purchased a journal theme from them.

Since our DOI are now resolving correctly, we will proceed with the web deposit unless if it is very necessary to resolve the plugin issues.


Hi Pastory,

If you’re happy using the web deposit form, you may continue to register your metadata using it. Full instructions for using the web deposit form are available here: Web deposit form - Crossref


Thank You
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Hi @pastory
At the OJS plugin, the register deposited by WDF are not actived at pligin. See example
the records appear as deposited if you make the deposit through the plugin.
you can mark these records and leave them as active, only for your control.
after the others you deposit by the plugin that will work. the OJS plugin is very stable it’s hard to have problems. if necessary I’m working with activation via plugin in my magazine and I can show you some example.


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Thank you very much @edamasio. The image has failed to load. I have marked them as active