Pending DOIs for Books

Hi All,

I came across this thread: As a book publisher, I want to register front-list titles as pending publications, so that I can send new catalog information to libraries that includes DOIs of yet-to-be-published books (#1720) · Issues · crossref / DEPRECATED Issue Tracker · GitLab

We are interested in implementing pending DOIs for some of our books (on rare occasions).

Is this something that we can expect to be implemented in the near future? We are considering the possibility of just using our own “Coming Soon” landing page but in your documentation you specifically, and understandably, discourage this.

If you can give me some direction on this it would be appreciated,



Hi Abba,

Thanks for your question.

We’re following up with the product team about this, but we don’t currently have a timeframe for making any changes to Pending Pub in order to allow parent/container level registrations.

As things currently stand, the best practice for Books, Proceedings, and other title-level DOIs is to wait to register (or publish/distribute) them until after the item has been published online, so there’s a valid landing page for the DOI to resolve to.