Relationship between two works with same content but different title

If a work is republished under a different title (without any other changes), what is its relationship to the original work? Does this count as a different manifestation or variant of the same work, or should it be considered a separate, but related, work? If the latter, what is the relationship?

I also presume that if there are other changes in addition to the title then it should be another version. Is that correct?

Hi, and thanks for your question.

Because the two publications would have distinct citations, they should each get a distinct DOI.

In terms of the relationship type, between those two DOIs, do you know whether the republication will be within the same journal and same issue as the original? Or is it in a different issue / different journal?

If it’s in the same context as the original, you could treat it as an update and use the Crossmark metadata to reflect that change, as in this example.

If the republication is in a different context from the original, then you could use the isVersionOf relationship type to reflect the connection between the two items.


Many thanks. We’re still in discussions, but I think we’re going to go with isVersionOf.