What is CrossMark Domain?

Hello, we are recently incorporating the use of crossmark in “Tecnología y ciencias del agua” journal, we use the webdeposit to register the doi of our articles. Regarding CrossMark there is the “CrossMark Domain” section, my question is, should the domain belong to our website (revistatyca.org.mx) or is it one provided by CrossRef?

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Hi @Luis_Aviles ,

Thanks for your message. The Crossmark domain is the domain of the website where you will be using Crossmark, so it would be your website - revistatyca.org.mx.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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When incorporating the use of Crossmark in the “Tecnología y ciencias del agua” journal, the “CrossMark Domain” section should belong to your website domain. The CrossMark domain is a unique identifier that should point to a specific URL on your website where the Crossmark metadata and information about the article’s status and updates will be hosted.

CrossRef provides publishers with the Crossmark service, but the domain used in the “CrossMark Domain” section should be specific to your journal’s website. This allows readers and researchers to access the latest information and updates about the article directly from your website when they click on the CrossMark logo on the article page.

Make sure to set up the Crossmark service correctly on your website and provide the appropriate URL in the “CrossMark Domain” section to ensure a seamless experience for your readers. If you have any specific queries or need assistance with the setup, you can reach out to CrossRef’s support or documentation for guidance.

We are incorporating the use of crossmark to the journals of our institution, however, we need to know if this has an additional cost to the DOI?
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hello @echuiza ,

There is no additional cost to register Crossmark metadata.

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