Article DOI does not appear in Scopus!

When I search for my article in Scopus throughout DOI, the article does not appear!

DOI : 10.22436/jmcs.032.03.05


We don’t have a direct relationship with Scopus, so you’ll need to contact Elsevier with any questions about what they index and the timeframe you can expect to see a particular article from a scopus-indexed journal in that platform. Or, contact the journal to check on the status from their end of the process.

I can confirm that 10.22436/jmcs.032.03.05 is registered correctly and is indexed in our APIs. But, so far as I’m aware, Scopus does not index content into Scopus directly from Crossref. According to this document from Elsevier, journals are responsible for submitting the articles directly to Scopus.

Publishers usually use a File Transfer
Protocol (FTP) service to deliver the prepublished version to
Scopus once it has appeared on their website. Once received,
Scopus usually makes it available online within four days.
The average time it takes before an AiP becomes a published
article in a specific issue, however, can vary from weeks to
months depending on how often the journal is published
(e.g., bi-weekly vs. quarterly)

Based on this search, it does look like Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science (ISSN 2008949X) is indexed in Scopus. But, again, it’s not our product, so I don’t have access to any more information that what is publicly available.


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